Pentación Espectáculos
By Daniel Dicenta Herrera and Juanma Gómez
With Lola Herrera, Lola Baldrich and Ana Labordeta
Stage direction Magüi Mira

1.20 h (w/out intermission) Not recommended for persons under the age of 16

Hand programme (ESP)

Estela Anderson, a scientist of international prestige, discovers that the project on which she has been working for many years is going to be used against humanity. We are at the presentation of an innovative personal assistant, and are going to witness a story of conspiration, warning us of the dangers of the technology as a real tool for control in a world in crisis in which a psychiatrist and a famous journalist are also involved.
“We are all addicts…
Adictos stems from the need to deal with a universal subject: To what extent are we going to be subject to technology? Are we really free? What type of society have we built? What is the panorama we can expect in the near future? Questions rarely raised on stage, and with which contemporary audiences must be confronted. The reality of Adictos is the progressive expansion of disinformation. A story of fiction whose characters express concerns that affect us all. Estela’s transformation is a metaphor of human beings’ predisposition to change their attitude: the degree of rebelliousness that is needed to evolve towards a future in which we can all enjoy a technically healthy and socially free life.”  Juanma Gómez and Daniel Dicenta Herrera

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