Els Joglars
With Ramón Fontseré, Pilar Sáenz, Dolors Tuneu, Martí Salvat, Bruno López-Linares and Javier Villena
Stage direction Albert Boadella

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

The different situations created and lived by the king emeritus throughout his life contain elements that remind us of classical tragedies. His childhood and adolescence, separated from his parents and handed over to the custody of a dictator. The death of a brother due to an accidental gunshot. The crown wrenched from his father. His absolute power inherited from the dictatorship and handed over to democracy. His financial affairs and constant inclination for mistresses. And finally, the abdication in favour of his son, and exile.
The action takes place in 2023, in the Persian Gulf. An old, exiled king emeritus wants to feel the taste of his dear, far-away homeland. He organises a party on a luxurious sailboat to savor a delicious paella out at sea. Journalists, friends, girlfriends, sheiks and family members have been invited. What could go wrong?
El rey que fue is a humane revision, without concessions, of the life of Juan Carlos I and the last 50 years of our country.
El rey que fue is the 41st show created by Els Joglars, Europe’s longest-running private theatre company, in which they abandon satire and return to the figure of the comedian who touches a raw nerve; the comedian who confronts spectators with the country’s political and social evolution. El rey que fue is a reflection on the existential nature and condition of Juan Carlos I.

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