Descalzos Producciones SL
By Clément Michel
With Marina San José, Manu Baqueiro and Javier Pereira
Stage direction Raquel Pérez

1.15 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

Sofía and Pablo have been living together for four months, but Pablo no longer stands it. He can’t stand her order, her books, the tone of her voice; nothing that cannot be resolved by means of a conversation with Sofia and putting an end to the relationship. But Pablo does not want to bear the weight of the rupture, he wants her to be the one to leave.
Sofía is crazy about Pablo, she loves her work in a bookstore and cannot stand Martín, Pablo’s best friend. It’s not that she finds him unbearable: she simply cannot stand him because he occupies too much space in their relationship. Three are a multitude and Sofia wants Pablo just for herself:
Martín is kind, orderly, clean, hard-working and loves his friend. Martin would never take part in Pablo’s crazy plan to throw Sofia out of the house; he would never, ever do that.  But Martín, without knowing exactly how, ends up being his friend’s accomplice, against his will.
Sofía, Pablo and Martín will have to live together for one week, just one week. One week in which the situation will become more complicated, until it is impossible to know who is deceiving who. A week during which they will discover who they are and what they really want in life. Seven days together, the three of them, putting up with their obsessions and their lies. Seven days that will be the distance between love and hate (and vice versa) in a comical and increasingly insane leap in the dark.

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