Talycual, Pentación Espectáculos, Lázaro and La Alegría
By Edward Albee
Version Juan Carlos Rubio and Bernabé Rico
With Fernando Tejero, Dani Muriel and Mabel del Pozo
Stage direction Juan Carlos Rubio

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Sergio Parra

At Home at the Zoo combines Albee’s classic play The Zoo Story (1959) with its prequel, Homelife (2004), which together form a simple and enigmatic story.
Homelife is the revealing picture of Peter and Ann’s unstable marriage, their brutal attempts to communicate and the solitude of their life together. The tension increases in the next act, The Zoo Story. Seeking to avoid Ann’s attempt to deal with the situation, Peter decides to spend the day at the Central Park Zoo. While Peter is reading on a bench in the park, an eccentric character comes up and forces him to listen to his stories, the last of which is the most horrifying: this is the real reason for the visit to the zoo.  
“From the beginning of my career, I dreamed of confronting a text by Edward Albee, one of the great geniuses of dramatic literature. ¿Who is Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, Three Tall Women and The Goat are masterpieces that dissect the human condition in a heartrending manner. Special mention must be made of The Zoo Story (…) where I discovered fabulous material which brings together everything that dazzles me about the author: brilliant dialogues, observant descriptions of the characters, a great deal of pain, violence, anger, lack of communication and a sophisticated tone of theatre of the absurd which inevitably connects me to the times in which we live.”  Juan Carlos Rubio

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