Producciones Teatrales Contemporáneas
By Suzie Miller
Traduction and adaptation Juan Carlos Fisher and Rómulo Assereto
With Victoria Luengo
Stage direction Juan Carlos Fisher

1.35 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Javier Naval
Dramatic and thought-provoking, Prima Facie sold out last year at London’s West End and again this year on Broadway.

Hand programme (ESP)

Tessa is a pureblood, a young and brilliant lawyer who loves winning. She has succeeded in her career, going from working class origins to the peak of her profession, defending, interrogating and in any case illuminating the shadows of doubt. An unexpected event obliges her to come face to face with the lines that separate the patriarchal power of the law, the burden of proof and ethics..
Prima Facie is a risky monologue full of theatricality and artistic possibilities, with an intelligent, amusing and poignant dramatic construction. And above all, it is a necessary call in the face of the naturalisation of a structural behaviour across society.
“Written by the Australian playwright Suzie Miller, Prima Facie is a detonator that forces us to reconsider how this world should function. A world in which we are not all equal in liberty, rights and possibilities.
The United Nations Organization tells us that one third of women in the world are victims of violence. One out every three women – should we rebuild our systems because of this figure? Should we believe a priori when a woman says she has been the victim of violence? Should we continue to defend traditional judicial methods?” Juan Carlos Fisher

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