La Misma Tara – Juan Fleta
Dramaturgy and stage direction Juan Fleta
With Juan Fleta with the interventions of Miguel Pancorbo, Silvia Vacas, Itziar Luengo, Asun Ayllón and Nacho López

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

In the turbulent year of 1936, the poet Elías Redondo is swept to exile by pain and loss following the tragic death of his lover and friend Federico García Lorca. As he waits on the platform, the audience is transported to the Spain of the 1930s and his memories from the time he entered the Residence of Students in Madrid until the outbreak of the Civil War.
Elías will talk about the war and denial of the past, of the tireless struggle for love and liberty, of family rebuff and of oblivion. This monologue (with several voices) is the result of research of written material, poems, videographies and real testimonies.
Elías Redondo González is a forgotten author of the Generation of 1927. One of so many whose memories are conserved in a few pages of an old book of poems found in Barcelona. He was born in Andalusia in 1898.
Since its foundation in 2020, La Misma Tara has been dedicated to stage experimentation, ranging from video creation to contemporary theatre. Directed by Juan Fleta, the company’s multidisciplinary focus combines authorship, performance and directions. In the last three years, it has been prominent in events such as the MAF Festival, Factoría de Cine, Festival Emerge, VIII Muestra Teatro Solo Tú and has been awarded the artistic residence Traductores el Viento in collaboration with Fundación Talgo.

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