[The Sky of Sefarad]
Claroscuro Teatro
Script Julie Vachon
Musical dramaturgy Francisco de Paula Sánchez                                                                                             
Puppets Julie Vachon, Francisco de Paula Sánchez and Lorena Fernández
Masks Julie Vachon and Francisco de Paula Sánchez
Performers Julie Vachon actress and puppeter, singer
Francisco de Paula Sánchez actor and puppeter, singer
María José Pire soprano, percussion and flute
Enrique Pastor citola, lute and medieval viola, singer
Carmen Blanco narrator and voice-over
Musical direction Enrique Pastor
Stage direction Larisa Ramos, Julie Vachon and Francisco de Paula Sánchez
Co-production of Teatro de la Zarzuela and Claroscuro Teatro with the collaboration of Asociación Bislumbres, Ayuntamiento de la Rinconada and Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla (FeMÀS)

55 min (w/out intermission) Puppets, masks and live music. Familiar audience

photo ©José Albornoz

El cielo de Sefarad is the story of Noa, a Jewish girl in Toledo in 1492,  her friends Fátima and Pedro and a stray cat. A story full of humour and magic that narrates with great tenderness the tragic expulsion of the Sephardic Jews. Noa’s story is the story of all children in the world who one day, without understanding why, had to abandon their homes and leave everything behind.
Founded in Granada in 2010, Claroscuro is a theatre company that uses puppets, masks and live music to tell stories. For Claroscuro, the priority is a theatre of images in which light is the main protagonist, and which is inspired by classical music, literature and the history of painting to create its original stories for spectators of all ages.

The objective of this first festival, co-organised by the Malaga City and Provincial Councils, aims to disseminate pre-20th century theatrical heritage, with a special focus on Spain’s Golden Age, in the city and the province of Malaga. By combining theatrical performances with film screenings and training, the festival also seeks to foster encounters with professionals of the sector and to enhance the value and comprehension of classical theater. Each show is geared at a specific audience, including all audiences, young people and adults. 

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