El Retablo (Pablo Vergne)
Author, coreography and direction Pablo Vergne
Performers Alba Vergne and Daniela Saludes

45 min (w/out intermission) Puppets, objets and shadows. From 4 years

Hand programme (ESP)

In the country of fairies, where everything is beautiful, marvelous and fabulous, there lives a little fairy called Mermelhada, who flies here and there wanting to do good deeds. But every time she wants to do a good deed, it goes wrong... Disenchanted with being a fairy, she asks an old witch to teach her some of the secrets of ancestral wisdom. Little by little a very special bond develops between teacher and pupil. Together they will face challenges and discover where the real power of magic lies.
A tender story of spells, witchcraft and friendship that invites us to see fairy tales in a new light.
Created in 1989 in Madrid by Pablo Vergne, El Retablo is one of the puppet companies with the biggest international impact. Its shows stand out for the simplicity and clarity with which they succeed in approximating child psychology, captivating with humour and delicacy the manner in which children see and feel the world around them. Every show is a journey that speaks of learning, dreams, memories, life and hope.

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