41 Festival de Teatro... en tu zona


41 Festival de Teatro... en tu zona

[41st Theatre Festival…in your neighbourhood]
With the collaboration of Municipal District Boards

Free entrance on a first come first serve basis

Sa6 12:30 pm  Centro. Recinto Eduardo Ocón
Tiriticlown Petit Teatro
Su7 12:30 pm  Este. Auditorio Curro Román - Parque Virginia
Tiriticlown  Petit Teatro
Fr12 5:00 pm  Bailén-Miraflores. Boulevar José Iturbi
Tiriticlown  Petit Teatro
Sa13 12:30 pm  Ciudad Jardín. Parque de la Alegría
Cuentos 2.0  Lolo Fernández & Cía y Animasur
Sa13 5:00 pm  Palma-Palmilla. Parque de Martiricos 
Cuentos 2.0  Lolo Fernández & Cía y Animasur
Fr19 5:00 pm  Teatinos-Universidad. Parque del Cine  *SUSPENDED*
Love, love, love  Animasur Teatro
Sa20 12:30 pm  Carretera de Cádiz. Parque de Huelin
Love, love, love  Animasur Teatro
Sa20 5:00 pm  Puerto de la Torre. Parque Virgen de la Cañas
Gruñidos  TanTonTería Teatro
Fr26 5:00 pm Cruz de Humilladero. Parque San Rafael
Love, love, love  Animasur Teatro
Sa27 12:30 pm  Campanillas. Parque El Brillante
Gruñidos  TanTonTería Teatro
Sa27 5:00 pm  Churriana. Plaza de la Inmaculada 
Gruñidos  TanTonTería Teatro

Two clowns with a great deal of artistry

Petit Teatro
Actors Susana Fernández and Monti Cruz
Music Juan de la Cruz Montilla
Sevillanas. Composition and guitar Paco Lomeña
55 min (w/out intermission) Clown and puppets. From 3 years

Nasu and Basi set off for a new adventure. As real Andalusians, they want to put on a flamenco show for the whole world, because flamenco is universal. They want to bring joy and humour everywhere, and they bring everything packed in their suitcases. There will be dancing, singing, puppets and games. Anything goes on the TiritiClown flamenco stage.
Susana Fernández and Monti Cruz have been working for more than 30 years with renowned Andalusian companies such as Acuario Teatro, Anthares Teatro, Pata Teatro and El Espejo Negro. With the latter, they have participated in La vida de un piojo llamado Matías [The life of a louse called Matias] and El fantástico viaje de Jonás el espermatozoide [The fantastic journey of Jonah the spermatozoon], winners of the Max Award for Best Children's Show in 2009 and 2012, respectively.
In 2015, they created Petit Teatro in Malaga, a company specialised in the world of children and family audiences, addressing different themes and using different theatrical techniques.

[Stories 2.0]
Lolo Fernández & Cía and Animasur
Script Paco Pascual
Performers Paco Pascual, Inma Juárez and Lolo Fernández
Stage direction Animasur
50 min (s/i) Actors Theatre. From 6 years

What would happen if Snow White didn’t permit being kissed without her prior consent, if her wicked stepmother was not so concerned about her beauty? What if the prince refused to behave like a hero? What if the Little Mermaid was not willing to give up everything for a man, or if Cinderella didn’t want to take part in the ball to be the chosen one? If all this were the case, not only would the story change, but so would we. Are we what we are told or what we want to be?
Lolo Fernández & Cía was created in Jaén in 2016 by the master of ceremonies of the Cirque du Soleil’s show Corteo on the European and South American tours. Its creations are based on the language of contemporary clowning. 
Animasur Teatro was founded in Granada in 1998 and, since then, has produced more than 50 shows. In 2010 they presented CAU, the first Circus and Theatre school in Andalusia. Committed to new languages and to current affairs, they won the 2023 Max and PACA Awards, amongst others, and were finalists in the 2022 Max and 2023 Lorca Awards.

Animasur Teatro
Dramaturgy Paco Pascual
Performers Ángela Cáceres, Paco Pascual and José Pascual
Stage direction Omar Meza and Alessia Desogus
It is a coproduction with FIT de Vila-Real, Sagunt Escena and la Nit en Vetla de Benicarló
40 min (w/out intermission) Stilts. From 8 years


Humans never stop producing wishes. But most of them are lost in space and time. They do not reach their destination. From time to time, the gods decide to deal with them. They meddle in our lives as if it were a game. They decide to invent at their discretion, to play with the characters of this story, to confuse them, to laugh at them and, finally, to let them lose their way through the dark, winding labyrinth of human weaknesses.
Animasur Teatro was founded in Granada in 1998 and, since then, has produced more than 50 shows. In 2010 they presented CAU, the first Circus and Theatre school in Andalusia. They are committed to new languages and to current affairs, and at the same time implement different lines of action, including events and courses in Brazil, Cape Verde, Morocco, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


TanTonTería Teatro
Performers Javier Sancho and Analina Muñoz
Stage direction Javier Sancho and Ester Abad
55 min (w/out intermission) Actors, puppets and objects theatre. From 4 years

Despite popular belief, monsters are good beings who tell children stories to make them feel happy when they go to bed. One day, Harapo gets angry because his friend Galtzerdi has written a tale that becomes very successful. When Harapo hides the story, they have a big argument, and the screaming causes the vowels to abandon the monsters. Since then, the monsters are mistakenly thought to be 'scary', but Harapo and Galtzerdi will try to recover them together with their friend Malala, a child inventor.
TanTonTería was founded in Málaga in 2017 and has produced four shows: Gruñidos, Tiempos viejos [Old times], La vida es cuento [Life is a tale], and Bouleverser. It has participated in prestigious events and festivals such as the Jornadas de Siglo de Oro de Almería [Symposium on the Golden Age in Almeria] and the Corral de Comedias [medieval comedy theater] at the Classics Festival in Alcalá. Tiempos viejos won the awards for Best Show, Best Direction, Best Actress and Best Actor at the 2019 MálagaCrea Performing Arts exhibition.

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