Sara Baras


Script, choreography and stage direction Sara Baras
Music Keko Baldomero
Lighting Óscar De Los Reyes
Costume Luis F. Dos Santos
Scenography Ras Artesanos
Painting Fernando Quirós
Texts Santana de Yepes
Musical adaptation Paco de Lucía, Keko Baldomero
Special thanks to the Paco de Lucía Foundation and his beloved family
Flamenco dancer Sara Baras
Corps de ballet Daniel Saltares, Chula Garcia (repetiteur), Charo Pedraja, Cristina Aldon, Noelia Vilches and Carmen Bejarano
Musical director Keko Baldomero
Flamenco guitars Keko Baldomero and Andrés Martínez
Flamenco sigers May Fernández and Matías López ‘El Mati’
Percussion Antón Suarez y Manuel Muñoz ‘El Pájaro’
Winds Diego Villegas

1.45 h (w/out intermission) Flamenco dance

photo ©Jaume de Laiguana

“In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her company, Sara Baras presents Vuela, a show that pays tribute to Paco de Lucia, the master of guitar par excellence.
Conceived on the basis of the respect, affection and love they mutually professed each other, Vuela was created to be unforgettable, to travel once again to the magical world to which we can only be transported by Sara Baras.
Faced with the responsibility of paying tribute to the genius from Algeciras, this choreographic journey comprises 15 unique pieces that revolve around one word, thus creating with the language of flamenco words in movement. A fascinating voyage divided in four acts, each one of which weaves a powerful narrative: ‘Wood’, that reminds us of the strength of roots and the warmth of being; ‘Sea’, that invites us to navigate through passion and be like water; ‘Death’, a form of exploring human emotions from the depths of the soul, and ‘Fly’, the only way to flee without running, simply being carried away by the celebration and the joy: an opportunity that only music, dance and feelings provide.
Dancer, director and choreographer of undeniable talent, Sara Baras is one of the most prestigious and acknowledged representatives of the performing arts at the international level. With more than 4,000 performances with her company, she has visited the best theatres in the world, and has become one of the most illustrious ambassadors of Spanish culture.   

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