[Oedipus through the flames]
Festival de Mérida, Pentación Espectáculos and Teatro Español
Author Paco Bezerra
With Alejo Sauras, Mina El Hammani, Julia Rubio, Omar Zaragoza, Jiaying Li, Alejandro Linares, Diego Rodríguez and Eduardo Mayo
Stage direction Luis Luque

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Jero Morales / Festival de Mérida

Hand programme (ESP)

Oedipus is sleeping on the side of a path; he wakes up suddenly on hearing the voice of a strange presence, a man concealed beneath a metal helmet who begins to talk to him about a monster, a city and a recompense. Oedipus is suspicious and rejects the mysterious knight’s invitation. The latter, however, insists and succeeds in diverting Oedipus, who confronts the monster, becomes King and finally enters the city of Thebes.    
“It has always been said that the myth of Oedipus is the opposite of a successful story of one’s self; that it is the story of the discovery that knowledge leads to failure; but what if that is not the case, that the myth of Oedipus seeks to tell us is that remaining alone and blind is the biggest of all possible success? (…) What is a great achievement nowadays? To be as popular as possible with the least possible effort, or with time, persistence and after overcoming numerous difficulties, to create an enterprise?”  Paco Bezerra

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