[The trial]
Centro Dramático Nacional and Lantia Escénica
Based on the novel by Franz Kafka
Dramaturgy and stage direction Ernesto Caballero
With Felipe Ansola, Olivia Baglivi, Jorge Basanta, Carlos Hipólito, Alberto Jiménez, Germán Torres, Ainhoa Santamaría and Juan Carlos Talavera

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Luz Soria

“Trials are theatrical performances, and vice-versa, In our version of The trial, Josef K also confronts the tribunal of citizens, of the present-day public that observes from a spectator’s distance the excesses of an imperishable bureaucratic-administrative structure, whose sole logic and purpose is its own subsistence. We contemplate the tribulations of the ill-fated Josef K, who in turn contemplates us helplessly waiting –like that old man he sees looking out the window moments before his execution– for the intervention of some savior who will never arrive. Our proposal is inspired by the story the prison chaplain tells K in the novel’s next to last chapter: that of a prisoner who spent all his life at the Gates of Justice trying unsuccessfully to enter, until he finally died in his attempt. The story is represented visually by means of a stage design concept that elicits the dark sanctity of an arbitrary judicial system, on whose stage a Kafkian choir acts like a protean and multiform character, perhaps the incarnation of the worst nightmares of the accused Joseph K, and of all of ours as well.” Ernesto Caballero

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