CANCELLED due to the suspension of the national tour.
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[For some time now… failure?]
Producciones Off, Vania and Teatro Español
Author Max Aub
Adaptation and stage direction Maite Pérez Astorga
With María Pujalte and Ana Rujas

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©José Alberto Puertas

“The play’s starting point is the heart-rendering monologue that Max Aub wrote in 1939 in the first few months of his republican exile in Paris. The text depicts the situation of extreme distress of a woman called Emma, who following the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany is dispossessed of all her belongings. Even though she may have voted for the Nazis, her vision of the world changes, and she hopes that one day freedom will prevail.
What have we done with that freedom, eighty years later? De algún tiempo a esta parte… Fracaso? is a play that alternates the existential crisis of Aub’s character with that of a 30 year old woman of our time, from the capitalist West, who lives in torment despite her position of privilege.
I believe that we are now at the beginning of a new change. Establishing a dialogue with Aub’s text seems to me an opportunity to look to the past, so that our ancestors can shed light on this present which at times is dark.”  Maite Pérez Astorga

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