[The Audience]
Teatro Clásico de Sevilla
Author Federico García Lorca
Dramaturgy and stage direction Alfonso Zurro
With Juan Motilla, Lorena Ávila, Luis Alberto Domínguez, Santi Rivera, Raquel de Sola, Íñigo Núñez, Piermario Salerno, José María del Castillo and Silvia Beaterio

1.45 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Luis Castilla

Hand programme (ESP)

El público opens up a world in which different narrative perspectives of time, space, story within a story, reality, dreams, recollections, wishes... intermingle.  Desperate characters in search of love. Love without limits, without masks. Our proposal focuses on the text’s force and beauty, its emotional power, the images and suggestions, and on the mask, the change of roles… We want this beauty to captivate the spectator, to overwhelm, to dazzle and to move. This is our most daring and forceful production yet, with sophisticated and exquisite staging, with great attention paid to the smallest of details. A dramatic poem with which we are confronted as the audience; one that agitates us and provokes doubt about the common, placid places from which we observe the theatre. Because Lorca forces us to look over the rail of our abyss. Go ahead, do not fear.
The main objective of Teatro Clásico of Seville, which is directed by Juan Motilla and Noelia Díez, is to bring quality classical theatre to present-day audiences. Widely acknowledged by both the public and critics, this is one of the  companies in Spain that has won the most awards. 

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