Agenda 1999


Andrés Calamaro voice and keyboard
German Wiedemer keyboard, production and musical direction
Julian Kanevsky guitar
Martin Bruhn drums
Mariano Domínguez bass
Brian Figueroa guitar

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Agenda 1999, the Calamaro Century.
Every season, or every two seasons, the poet and bullfighting fan Calamaro has the good habit of modifying his live repertoire; an original habit that also embodies the concept of improvisation and dedication of what is known as the “most cultured festivity”. Admirer of singers and bullfighters, American filmmakers and French novelists, AC appears on stage without any tricks or digital support, and together with his band of exquisite musicians, offers a different show every night in this risky and irregular art, just as we learn in the bullring, and in jazz.
(…) Rumours suggest that the Agenda 1999 tour (as presented this year) could focus on songs from the album Honestidad brutal, although AC is known as a “public enemy” of nostalgia and for his attachment to less celebrated records such as Volumen once and  musical nooks and crannies that are less popular or less celebrated by critics.
Will he risk breaking up a repertoire which in the Agenda 2023 version led the audience to delirium and extreme satisfaction? Does he think he’s a bullfighter choosing tough and varied livestock? (…)”  Artist’s agency

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