EL ARREPENTIDO o los demonios de Jasón


EL ARREPENTIDO o los demonios de Jasón

[The Repentant or the demons of Jason]
SilencioDanza and Jóvenes Clásicos
Authors Raúl Cortés and Mercedes Martínez
With José Carlos Cuevas
Stage direction Nieves Rosales

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Paco Urri ©Julio Falero
This show forms part of the Ágora 2022 Artists in Residence Programme

Jason, who only has a few days of life left, is alone, forgotten by all. His days are bitter, and he has nothing to which he can aspire. Incapable of overcoming the blow he received from Medea, he is gnawed in equal parts by guilt and resentment. Where is the great hero of the past? He has lost glory, his wife, his sons. Captive of an unbearable and hostile loneliness, subjugated by an everlasting pain, at last Jason  discovers, many years later, the only way to escape from Medea…
SilencioDanza was founded by Nieves Rosales in 2010, with the objective of creating a unique language based on theatre and dance. Numerous productions and prizes are the testimony of her successful career in the Andalusian performing arts, including the Andalusian Theatre Lorca Prize for Best Contemporary Dance Performer and Best Dance Show 2022, and the CINTA for Best Show 2019.
After his work with the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico National Classic Theatre Company, in 2017 actor and director Jose Carlos Cuevas created the company Jóvenes Clásicos. Based in Malaga, the company is devoted to reviewing classic texts from a contemporary perspective, with a special focus on social themes.  The show has won the Ateneo awards for Best Musical Show 2021, the Best Foreign Show in Florence in 2018, and the 7th Almagro OFF in 2017.

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