Principio generador y plenitud
Closing concert - 25 Festival de Málaga


[The Planets, essential concert. Generative principle and plenitude]
guitar and voice
Florent guitar
David Montañes piano

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Ginebra Siddal

In addition to earth, water, fire and air, Greek and Medieval science also considered the existence of a fifth element in nature - quintessence, a very pure, subtle fluid composing the celestial bodies. At present, philosophy, alchemy, physics, cosmology and poetry continue to question the truth of this fundamental principle which encompasses the ultimate nature of things.  When we talk about the planets, it does not make sense to continue investigating: their quintessence is the invisible substance that arises from the precise combination of J y Florent, the permanent and invariable facet of the group from Granada currently performing live with a concentrated format, nearly devoid of weight, though not of force; and of volume, though not of intensity or unpredictability. With the sole company on stage of the electrifyingly delicate pianist David Montañés, J y Florent officiate a marvellous recreation of the best Spanish pop music of the last thirty years, in an original and heart-rending planetary alignment.

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