Imagen de tu huella


Carmen Linares flamenco singer
Pablo Suárez piano
Salvador Gutiérrez y Eduardo Pacheco flamenco guitars
Daniel Acebes cello
Lucía Espín actress

1.20 h (w/out intermission)


‘Flamenco’ (Paca Aguirre)
‘Andaluces de Jaén’ (Miguel Hernández)
‘Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías’ (Federico García Lorca)
‘Poeta en Nueva York’ (Federico García Lorca)
‘Imagen de tu huella’ (Miguel Hernández)
‘Leyenda del tiempo’ (Federico García Lorca)
‘Moguer’ (Juan Ramón Jiménez)
‘Distinto’ (Juan Ramón Jiménez)
‘Se equivocó la paloma’ (Rafael Alberti)
‘Baladilla de los tres ríos’ (Federico García Lorca)
‘Con tu voz’ (Juan Ramón Jiménez)

Imagen de tu huella brings together an intimate and essential repertoire that is the result of Carmen Linares’ passion for theatre and poetry, which she has performed in the course of the her forty-year solo career, becoming the main singer/songwriter of Spain’s most universal poets: Federico García Lorca, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Miguel Hernández and Rafael Alberti. Imagen de tu huella is a concert with the voice of a woman who scratches and caresses at the same time.
“Carmen Linares’ flamenco voice reveals the strength of the written words, as well as the music inside those words”. Antonio Muñoz Molina

Carmen Linares (Linares, Jaén, 1951) occupies a privileged place in contemporary Spanish culture and is acknowledged as a living legend of flamenco. Her record Antología de la mujer (1996), one of the 10 best albums in the history of flamenco, holds a prominent place amongst her total production of more than 30 albums,. She has performed at the most prestigious venues worldwide, and is the winner of the National Music Award (2001), Medal of Fine Arts (2006), Berklee College of Music Mediterranean Music Award (2018), Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts (2022) and Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence (2023) for being “one of the most gifted, passionate and knowledgeable female singers in the history of flamenco (…) on par with Spanish legends such as Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía and Enrique Morente”. 

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