Puro y salvaje


El Pele flamenco singer
El Niño Seve flamenco guitar
Igmar Alderete violin
José Moreno percussion
Edu Gómez and José de Mode clapping hands

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Toni Blanco

El Pele (Cordoba, 1954) is a flamenco singer of great ability, gifted with unquestionable expressiveness and highly personal voice. The distinguished flamencologist Agustín Gómez once defined him as “a flamenco  animal in its purest state”.
Revelation artist at the age of 15, when he obtained the Cayetano Muriel Award in Cabra, he continued to consolidate his singing to obtain maximum recognition for his brilliant career at the National  Flamenco Art Competition of Cordoba in 1983, where he won La Serneta por solea and Pastora Pavón por bulerias awards. Since that time he has continued to win numerous prizes, including amongst many others the  Giraldillo al Momento Mágico Award at the Flamenco Biennial of Seville (2012), the condecoration of the Andalusian Regional Government Bandera de Andalucía (2013), the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts l(2019) and the Maestría al Cante Award at the Flamenco Biennial of Seville (2021).
His musical intuition, knowledge and personality, and permanent quest for new forms based on flamenco’s purest roots, have allowed him to share the stage with stars of the world of music sucjh as David Bowie and Prince. Special note should be made of his encounter with the great guitarrist Vicente Amigo, which entailed an internal revolution in the artist’s creative universe. El Pele has succeeded in creating new expressive modes in alegrías, tangos and bulerías, to which he brings a modern and personal hallmark.

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