Folclore vivo


Carlos Fernández Campos voice, violin, percusionss, guitar and lute
Javier Gómez Bello flute, voice, guitar and bagpipe
Carlos Cortés Bustamante percussions, guitar, lute and back vocals

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Los Malagatos is a folk group that dances maragatas and sings the songs typical of the villages of the province of Malaga. The traditions they have recovered are presented in an updated format in which melodies, lyrics and dances full of emotion and historical value co-exist. In this first production they perform a range of typical Malaga styles with a new aesthetic proposal inspired by the voice of the people.  Los Malagatos began performing 5 years ago, driven by three musicians who are passionate about folklore. Since then, they have played at different festivals of traditional music such as Parapanda Folk (Granada), Los Viernes de la Tradición (Madrid), Lupefolk (Murcia) and Ablafolk (Almería), amongst others.
The group consists of folk musicians, researchers avid of popular musical knowledge, musicians formed in the context of international folk music, with significant knowledge and experiences in connection with different musical roots.

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