[The story of the life of the squire Marcos de Obregón]
Jóvenes Clásicos
Autor Vicente Espinel
Dramaturgy and stage direction José Carlos Cuevas
Guitar and musical direction Javier Ibáñez
Flamenco singer Manuel Márquez
Choreography / Dancer Nieves Rosales
With José Carlos Cuevas, Lorena Roncero and Juan Antonio Hidalgo
Technical direction Pedro Hofhuis

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

With the dramatisation of this picaresque novel in which the squire Marcos de Obregón narrates in first person his hectic adventures, we wish to pay tribute to Vicente Espinel (1550-1624) 400 years after his death. Born in the Andalusian town of Ronda, this Golden Age poet, writer and musician stands out for having been a teacher of Lope de Vega, the creator of the “tenth” stanza (also called espinela in his honour), and for having introduced the fifth string in the Spanish guitar. He was, without a doubt, one of the most important figures of the  16th and 17th centuries, whose name was given to one the oldest high schools in Malaga, the  IES Vincente Espinel, also known as "Gaona".
Jóvenes Clásicos is a theatre company in Malaga that centres its activities on contemporary theatre based on classical texts which they adapt to bring closer to present day audiences. Despite its relatively  recent creation, Jovenes Clasicos has won the 7th Edition of Almagro OFF, six Malaga Theatre awards given by the Ateneo de Malaga, the Florence Award for Best Foreign show (Uruguay) and First Prize for Artistic Production given by the Malaga City Council.

The objective of this first festival, co-organised by the Malaga City and Provincial Councils, aims to disseminate pre-20th century theatrical heritage, with a special focus on Spain’s Golden Age, in the city and the province of Malaga. By combining theatrical performances with film screenings and training, the festival also seeks to foster encounters with professionals of the sector and to enhance the value and comprehension of classical theater. Each show is geared at a specific audience, including all audiences, young people and adults. 

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