Avanti Teatro en coproducción con Madrid Cultura y Turismo, SAU., 16 Escalones Producciones and Concha Busto Producción y Distribución
Con la colaboración de Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico and Teatro Cervantes de Málaga
Author and stage direction Vanessa Montfort
With Cuca Escribano and Miguel Ángel Muñoz

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

"The pessimist complains about the wind.
The optimist hopes it will change.
The realist adjusts the sails.
And that’s what I’m going to do: adjust the sails.
That is the difference between staying alive or drowning."
William George Ward

A female odyssey in the Mediterranean. Marina, a woman alone in the middle of the sea. A woman who does not know who to sail to cross the Straits of Gibraltar in a sailboat she has inherited from Oscar, who was the love of her life. She is travelling with his ashes to fulfil the promise to throw them overboard along the coast of Tangiers. But she had always travelled as the co-pilot. She had never decided what course to take, or what manoeuvres to make: a metaphor of her own life. Marina tells her story during the seven days and nights of the voyage, during which she will have to overcome storms, tides… and the greatest danger of all, the encounter with the increasingly human memory of Oscar and with herself.
Theatrical adaptation of the novel Women who buy flowers, by the writer and playwright Vanessa Montfort, international long-seller. Part of the novel’s success is having given a name to the inherited syndrome of “the perfect woman”, against which the present-day generation of women struggles.

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