[The Biggest Weirdos]
La Carpa Teatro
With Mario Ruiz, Pablo Pavón, Carmen Rosi Quintero and Esther Caraballo
Stage direction Esther Caraballo

1.00 h (w/out intermission) Actors theater with clown techniques. From 3 years

Hand programme (ESP)

Have you ever felt you were a weirdo? You probably have. That has happened to all of us, girls and boys alike.
“Weird, or rare” means not common, scarce in a class or species. I have to admit that when I feel I am a weirdo, I feel very good. Really funny things happen to me, everything makes me laugh and every minute is magic and unforgettable.
My friends say that they also have their oddities, and they show them off when we get together… when there is trust. I think it’s because they are very special… they are my gang… they are “Los Súper Raritos”. The characters in this story are very special and unique persons who have
had the capacity to accept themselves as they are. That is why they are unique.
“La Carpa Teatro is a company from Malaga with a recognised pathway in theatre for families. Our interlocutors are girls and boys, who link us with reality. In the course of more than 30 years of activity, we have never ceased to feel the wonders we discover and tell about childhood. In fact, we can say that we are experts in this field.” La Carpa Teatro

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