(*) The performance on Sunday, October 15, 7:00 p.m. is CANCELLED due to technical reasons beyond the company's control.
The cost of tickets sold on-line and by telephone will be refunded automatically repaid to the account from which payment was made. Tickets purchased at the box offices can be returned there from September 28 up to 15 days after the original date of the show.

[Uz: The Village]
Teatro Español and La Villarroel
Author Gabriel Calderón
Adaptation and stage direction Natalia Menéndez
With Pepe Viyuela, Pepa Zaragoza, Trinidad Iglesias, José Luis Alcobendas, Ruth Núñez, Ángela Chica, Veki Velilla, Julio Bohigas-Couto and Jamie Soler Huete

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Javier Naval

Grace and Jack live with their placid family in the tranquil village of Uz. But today Grace is very angry: she has just lost her job at the church and wonders how she is going to feed her children, a young autistic daughter and an adolescent son who aspires to dazzle his parents. In the midst of this tremendous distress, Grace will experience an epiphany: she is going to have an encounter with God. The Almighty Lord is going to ask her to take action so that she can regain her calm and happiness. In the blink of an eye, events are precipitated and the village turns into an irrational being.  
Uz: el pueblo, by Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón, winner of the 2011 and 2016 National Literature Awards, leads us to reflect about our beliefs and their limits. When taken to extremes, they generate situations that end up in the most outrageous absurdity, causing us to reflect on our most traditional values. Using poetics through very black humour, and inspired by biblical myths, the Uruguayan playwright shakes us, revealing how far we are capable of going when we decide to take our faith or our love to the last expression, turning into fanatics, blind and insensitive to what happens around us.

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