[The Terminal of Love]
Show for the closing of Manquita. II Inclusive Theater Festival 
Authors Mel Rocher and María Beltrán
Performers in alphabetical order Gracia Acedo, Mati Anaya, Isa Cervera, Ángelo Grerriero, Manoli González, Mache Hidalgo, Manolo Jáimez, Siro López, Pepe Madrid, Dolores Ondo, Esperanza Tinoco and Zira Williams
Music Antonio Meliveo
Stage direction Mel Rocher

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

The future is right around the corner, and it is not pleasant: pandemics, nuclear threats, climate change, depletion of resources…but humor will be the lifeboat that avoids our catastrophic sinking.   
La terminal del amor is very black comedy which will make spectators roar with laughter at human miseries (disease, addictions, religious obsessions, bullying…) in a hopeless post-apocalyptic world in which love triumphs and makes what is happening meaningful.

Manquita, Inclusive Theatre Festival was created in 2022 with the objective of raising awareness, promoting and disseminating inclusion in the performing arts and the activities carried out by professionals, associations and entities in Malaga to make the experiences of persons and groups working in this field visible, and to have said experiences acknowledged. Manquita is sponsored by the Fundación Málaga, with the support of ONCE, the Teatro Cervantes of Malaga, and Area of Culture of the Malaga City Hall and the Department of Culture of the Malaga Provincial Government.

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