[The Tempest! (The Comedy)]
Inclusive theater, singing and dance

Show for the closing of Manquita. I Inclusive Theater Festival 
Cia. de Teatro Inclusivo Antonio Zafra
Author Pablo Bujalance on the play by W. Shakespeare
With Miguel Guardiola, Mel Rocher, Esther Ruiz Jurado, Marina Santiago, Antonio Zafra, Andres Jimenez, Victor Alfonso, Pepe Leon and Francis Leon
Live musicians Jose Maria Cano Garceran and Juan Miguel Muñoz Cabrera
Choreopraphies Marina Santiago
Musical direction Francis Leon
Stage direction Antonio Zafra and Victor Alfonso

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Due to a big storm, a ship is wrecked along the coast of a Mediterranean island. Prospero, the legitimate Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda have been living on that island for years, exiled since the former was ousted from power. Prospero plans to avenge his overthrow with the help of the magical beings that live on the island.
“Our version seeks to take The Tempest to the most recognisable limits of open and participative popular theatre, with music, action, considerable multidisciplinary character, elements of contemporary culture and an inclination towards humour (…). The objective is to satisfy those who know the piece, but even more important, to serve as a gateway to the world of Shakespeare, to strip the author of his mythical aura and let him play with the audience. Hence, to return Shakespeare to the position that corresponds to him: that of a theatre for everyone.”  Pablo Bujalance
The actor, stage director, playwright, puppeteer, clown and monologuist Antonio Zafra founded his company in 2010. Following a halt due to deafness and a cochlear implant, he has returned to the company with a strong commitment to inclusion. At the 5th Edition of the Malaga Ateneo Awards in 2020, he won the prize for Best Actor and Best Original Play.

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