Lantia Escénica
Author Molière
Version and stage direction Ernesto Caballero
With Pepe Viyuela, Paco Deniz, Silvia Espigado, German Torres, Maria Rivera, Estibaliz Racionero, Javier Mira and Jorge Machin

1.40 h (s/i)

The bourgeois Orgon has fallen under the influence of Tartuffe, a false devotee who seeks to have control of all the former’s property. The impostor succeeds in becoming Orgon’s spiritual director, hopes to marry his daughter and will seduce Elmira,  the latter’s second wife who is much younger than her husband. Unmasked, he will make use of donations signed by Orgon to try to have him evicted from his house and appear before the King to defend his objective. The King, however, will discover that he is a known swindler and have him arrested.

Tartufo is all about imposture: a big lie. The fascination produced by a character devoid of qualms is the same caused nowadays by all sorts of expert strategists, communicators and publicists who systematically  invade our privacy recurring to ruse and adulation with our idle acquiescence (…) Our Tartufo is presented to the audience as a radical and festive theatrical game without gimmicks because, paradoxically, in theatre everything is trickery. This is its grandeur, and its truth. It is genuine theatre that confronts, like in  the time of Moliere, the devious  impostor who seductively penetrates into our homes.”   Ernesto Caballero

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