RIF (de piojos y gas mostaza)


RIF (de piojos y gas mostaza)

[About lice and mustard gas]
Producciones Micomicón, Centro Dramático Nacional and A Priori Producciones
Authors Laila Ripoll and Mariano Llorente
With Arantxa Aranguren, Néstor Ballesteros, Yiyo Alonso, Ibrahim Ibnou Goush, Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro, Mariano Llorente, Mateo Rubistein, Sara Sánchez and Jorge Varandela
Stage direction Laila Ripoll

2.05 h (w/out intermission)


Hand programme (ESP)

“Three soldiers of the Spanish army are in the area of the Rif mountains following the disaster of July 21st, 1921 at Annual. Their stories bring to life key figures of those wars: deputies, commissioners, kings, barmaids, prostitutes, governors, actors and actresses, journalists, officers and civilians. As in a sort of grotesque nightmare, with them we will visit the singing café and the blockhouse, the Bedouin encampment and the military March, the brothels and the precipices, the unbearable thirst, the scorched bodies, severed heads, entrails… of an unnecessary, unjust and cruel war, including the use of toxic gases, in which thousands of Spaniards and Rifians died and which had crucial consequences for the events of the 20th century in Spain.”  Micomicón
Micomicón was founded in 1991. Since then, the company has produced about thirty shows, ranging from classic to contemporary theatre. For the last few years, they have focused on the recent history of Spain and its traumatic consequences for Spanish society.

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