“The truck of the company hired to transport the stage set and costumes of the play Los secuestradores del lago Chiemsee has been stolen.
Once again, we are witnessing the fragility and vulnerability of the theatre, as well as its resilience and capacity to overcome this type of incident.
We sincerely regret this unforeseen circumstance, external to the company and the theatre, and inform our spectators that given the professionalism and experience of the company’s actors, the play will be performed without the stolen set and costumes.” Barco Pirata, production company of the play

Spectators who do not wish to attend the show and who have purchased their tickets through the telephone or Internet must send an email to
jguzman@malagaprocultura.com requesting a refund, which will be processed automatically as soon as service conditions make this possible. Tickets purchased at the box offices can be returned there from the January 20.

[The kidnappers of Lake Chiemsee]
Barco Pirata and Teatros del Canal
Author Alberto Iglesias
With Juan Calot, Vicky Peña, Manuel Galiana, Gloria Muñoz, Helio Pedregal and Alberto Iglesias
Stage direction Mario Gas

1.45 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©BSP ©Sergio Parra

Hand programme (ESP)

The usual thing is to do nothing. That is what is expected of us: to accept the Tribunal’s judgement, lament, manage our rage and go on from there. But there are times when we can’t stand it.
We’re tired of always being the losers. They call it economic crisis, collapse of the financial system, depression… But for us it’s stealing. Stealing protected by laws that leave us defenseless. What would happen if we reacted?
In all kidnappings there is a victim, or several victims, and a delinquent, or several delinquents. On some occasions it’s difficult to tell who’s who. It is not easy to adjust the balance of justice when the subject matter of litigation involves dreams, the future and people’s dignity.
The news published in 2010 about a trial involving four German retirees accused of kidnapping their tax advisor drew the attention of actor Alberto Iglesias and inspired him to write the black comedy Los secuestradores del lago Chiemsee, which is the story of how the economic crisis does away with the lifetime savings of several persons.

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