Reflection based on Amphitryon by Plautus


[Gods and God]
El Brujo
Version, performer and stage direction Rafael Álvarez
Original, live music and musical direction Javier Alejano

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Jero Morales / Festival de Mérida ©Maria Saavedra

Los dioses y Dios is a surprising, moving and comical journey through the mythology or mythologies to which human beings cling when they peer into the abyss of the unknown. To elucidate the mystery of life is the incessant yearning of all wisdom. For the time being, there is no science that can illuminate the unknown origin or final destiny of existence, That is why there is metaphor, theatre, tales, stories  (…)
This extraordinary production contains love, humour and the essence of theatre as life, and fun. This game, that ranges from the gods to the divine, brings us the elegance of Rafael Álvarez ‘El Brujo’ and his command of the stage, of a mythology that we have presented as an animated and passionate world. So be it.” Herminia Pascual, director of production
Rafael Álvarez ‘El Brujo’, who has been acting for more than 50 years, defines himself as “a minstrel”, a storyteller who believes in the power of words. He claims he has had to invent his own form of theatre in order to transmit to audiences what matters to him. The multiple awards he has received over the years include the Pepe Isbert National Theatre Award (2009) and the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts (2002).

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