[The bingo players of Euripides]
Las Niñas de Cádiz
Author Ana López Segovia
With Ana López Segovia, Alejandra López, Mer Lozano, Rocío Segovia, José Troncoso and Fernando Cueto
Stage direction José Troncoso

1.10 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Isa Vicente

In semi-hidden premises of an old neighbourhood, a group of women, led by the mysterious Dionysia, get together in the afternoon around a clandestine game of bingo. The game is an excuse to meet, have tea, tell each other their misfortunes, share their happiness and flee from their sad, monotonous reality.  But a police agent is determined to have the premises closed. They will look for a solution to avoid that, and along the way, will have unexpected surprises and encounters leading to a tragic and savage ending.  .
The work of Las Niñas de Cádiz’ is based on their roots and the fusion of elements of popular culture and folklore with other elements of the so-called high culture. But always with humour. “For us, humour is a way of looking at life, of understanding it, of feeling it…It is the inheritance received in Cadiz, millenary land whose idiosyncrasy never ceases to inspire us. “There was a world from your village”, said Tolstoy. Our own name is a declaration of principles: an explicit reference to the puellae gaditanae, famous dancers and singers of the Roman Empire. Women artists who were popular, irreverent, provocative and free.”

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