[The Legality of Evil]
Cía. Mojiganga Sociedad Ilimitada
Based on Gedisa's translation of Eichmann's Dream
With Manuel Ramírez and Carlos Alarcón, with the collaboration of Lucía Alfaro as the voice of Hannah Arendt
Stage direction Manuel Collado

1.00 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

Hannah Arendt argued that Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer in charge of carrying out the final solution, did not commit his crimes out of hate or sadism, but rather as a simple bureaucrat at the service of the 3rd Reich. But what if his thoughts concealed ideas that were more complex, albeit not better? In a dream before his execution, Eichmann has to respond to the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant who, in turn, is cornered by whom he may have considered a follower of his philosophy.
La legalidad del mal is a deeply philosophical theatrical debate, a rhetorical combat that revolves around the always thorny issue of the Holocaust and the secret motivations of one of its main authors.
Mojiganga Sociedad Ilimitada was founded in Malaga in 2018. Its work is strongly marked by the influence of the classics, the constant exploration of new theatrical channels, and the creation of original pieces with a strong philosophical spirit, such as La certeza de un beso (The Night of Books, 2018), La oreja desabrochada (OFF Malaga Theatre Festival, 2019), El rey y la música (Gardens of La Térmica, 2020) and La legalidad del mal (First Prize MálagaCrea 2022).

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