[The dream of reason]
Producciones Teatrales Faraute
Author Antonio Buero Vallejo
Adaptation and stage direction José Carlos Plaza
With Ana Fernández, Chema León, Carlos Martínez-Abarca, Montse Peidro, Fernando Sansegundo, Jorge Torres, María Heredia, Bruno López-Linares, Álvaro Pérez and Marco Pernas

1.40 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©marcosGpunto

“If we merge Antonio Buero Vallejo’s play with The dream of reason produces monsters, the painting by Goya that inspired the former, could we find, unfortunately, anything more appropriate for these times? We contemplate, astonished, and ashamed due to the loss of reason, a lack of clarity of thought, of rational thinking, which converts society into a drowsy, sheep-like collective being (…) From Goya to Buero Vallejo, and up to the present, this is the path we want to follow, like a mirror in which our people see their stupid, sheep-like behaviour reflected. A tribute to thought, to reason, to the light of our mind that enables us to see through the veil of darkness imposed by the lies that are spread, without shame and with the false glitter of adulterated facts. Buero Vallejo speaks, with pain, with profound pain and through historical and invented characters, about us at a specific time of the past. He did that to avoid censorship, that monster of reason, which continues, huddled, to show its claws. But it’s the Spain of always, condemned to ostracism and ignorance: anything goes as long as we do not think, as long as it puts our reason to sleep. Thanks Buero.”  José Carlos Plaza

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