Musical theatre
[The Miser by Moliere]
Adaptation and stage direction Ricardo Iniesta
With Carmen Gallardo, Silvia Garzón, Raúl Vera, María Sanz, Lidia Mauduit, Enmanuel García, Garazi Aldasoro and Selu Fernández
Choreography Juana Casado and Lucía You
Composition, arrangements and musical direction Luis Navarro
Choirs and chants Marga Reyes and Lidia Mauduit

1.45 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Gerardo Sanz

Old and wealthy Harpagon is a miser who lives terrorised by the fear that someone is going to steal the chest where he hides his treasure. He mistrusts everyone, including his children, who hope to marry the person they love, in opposition to their miserable father’s plans. Ricardo Iniesta (multi-awarded director and adapter) maintains the play’s essence, eliminating elements he believes have weathered the passage of time less well or are the most costumbrista, and introducing others from Tonino Cervi and Alverto Sordi’s scathing film version (1990). Moreover, the choral nature of the characters who accompany the protagonist on stage is enhanced, hallmark of the company’s adaptations of the classics, and all the more in the case of a musical.
2023 will mark the 350th anniversary of Molière’s death and the 40th of the foundation of Atalaya, the concerted company that is the most valued by the INAEM [National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music] of the Ministry of Culture. In 2008 it won the National Theatre Award and opened the TNT International Research Centre in Seville. It has won fifty prizes, five of them from outside the European Union.

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