Cía. Albacity Corporation
Author Fernando de Rojas
Adaptation and dramaturgy Antonio Campos
With Antonio Campos (performer) and Jose Luis Monton (spanish guitar)
Original music Jose Luis Monton
Stage direction Lluis Elias

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

Is there anyone who does not know the story of the procuress who intercedes between Calisto and Melibea to enable them to meet to physically seal their love? This project goes further and extracts the story’s teachings based on the psychology and culture of the 15th century, which marks the end of a period. Flamenco and  minstrelsy go hand in hand to explain the transmutation of the moral and social values of a time which could very well be ours.  
“We have pressed the lemon of La Celestina to its essence. A virtuoso guitarist, an adaptable and versatile actor and three rectangular volumes is all we have. The guitar envelops the piece, giving it meaning, rhythm and tone. The actor interprets all the characters and is the narrator of the story. The rectangular volumes  are the staging and the spaces that the actor transforms before us. The three blend to serve the drama and the comedy of this classic piece.”  Albacity Corporation

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