Pentación Espectáculos
Author Harold Pinter
Version and adaptation Antonio Simon and Juan Asprilla
With Joaquin Climent, Álex Barahona and Juan Diaz
Stage direction Antonio Simon

1.35 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Javier Naval

“Humour and irony circulate easily in this text written by Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005, which is greatly influenced by the superb tradition of British comedy. Behind the laughter, there appears in a subtle and intriguing manner, a lucid and humane criticism of how absurd and cruel the conditions of our existence can be. The title refers in an ambiguous manner to the possibility of taking care of someone or taking care of an apartment building. The three characters will try to take care of themselves and the property, and in the midst of disaster, will question each other regarding trust and communication. To what extent does trying to connect with the other entail an effort which does not always have a recompense.
A triangle of human characters, pounded by the crisis, survivors, disconnected: two young men and an old man in a magnificent dramatic, and at the same time comic, dialectic duel, that requires three great actors.”   Antonio Simon

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