TanTonTería Teatro
Actors and puppeteers Ester Abad and Javier Sancho
Stage direction TanTonTería Teatro 

55 min (w/out intermission). Puppets and actors theatre. From 4 years

Contrary to popular belief, monsters are good beings who tell stories to children to make them feel happy when they go to bed. One day Harapo gets angry because his friend Galtzerdi has written a story that is very successful. Harapo hides it, and they have a huge discussion. As the monsters shout to each other, the vowels abandon them. Since then, people mistakenly think that monsters are “frightening”, but thanks to their friend Malala, a very inventive girl, they will try to recover their vowels.
The shows created by TanTonTería Teatro all have a common denominator: to make the audience laugh. Thus, this mixture of laughter, emotion and the blend of gestural and textual techniques  is their proposal for a better world.

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