Compañía de Antonio de Verónica y Saray Cortés


Flamenco dances Antonio de Verónica and Saray Cortés
Guitar Salva de María
Flamenco singers Carmina Cortés and Salva Cortés
Guitars Miguel Cortés
Percussion Juan Utrera
Company dance corps

1.45 h (w/out intermission)

A zambomba is a Christmas party whose origins go back to the courtyards of early Andalusian apartment buildings where neighbours assembled to share food and sing popular songs accompanied by hand clapping. In a flamenco zambomba, Christmas songs come to life through adaptations to the different styles of flamenco music, such as bulerías, tangos, rumbas... The staging; the art and passion of Gypsy families, who share common feelings about Christmas, are a true reflection of an ancestral tradition that is renewed every year. 
The Company of Antonio de Verónica and Saray Cortés is rooted in the purest forms of the art of flamenco, perfectly complemented with the genre’s traditional music and percussion, and the choreographies and creative content of each one of their shows. The company has performed at the main theatres in Spain and in other countries as well; including Germany, England and Argentina, with great success and the recognition of the public due to its professional level and quality. It has also shared the stage with renowned artists such as Antonio El Pipa, Antonio Canales, La Farruca, Estrella Morente and Farruquito.

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