The streets of New Orleans


Bridget Bazile leading voice
Vincent Balse piano and artistic director
Mathias Alamane bass
Zaza Desiderio drums
Hezekiah Brinson organ
Edward Reed saxophone
Mike Jones trumpet
Will Murray tube
Kiane Davis, Chandra Wise, Lea Manegli, Hajare Fendou, Kenneth Brandon and Stephen Brandon voice

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

The streets of New Orleans represents a community culture in which freedom of expression and beauty go hand in hand. The moving voices of stars of gospel; with their perfect fusion of harmonies and powerful rhythms, have their roots in Afro-American musical traditions and imbue their concerts with a spiritual dimension in which music becomes a metaphor of life, combining feelings; elegance and diversion.
This new production of Grandes del Gospel for Christmas in 2023 goes over the musical history of New Orleans, one of the iconic cities of international music. The concert’s repertoire recreates the genre’s old hymns, includes a selection of major hits, and for the first time in a gospel programme, gives visibility to the subgenre of funeral jazz, which all over the world is identified with the city in which “everyone is dying to enter”, according to locals. These pieces, solemnly performed on the way to the cemetery, have their origins in the spirituals which the congregations sang at church.
The New Orleans Gospel Stars, with 14 members and an organ, and rhythm and wind sections, blends geographies and talent in an original formation and offers a repertoire in which a great variety of traditions converge.

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