MAY 2021

Sa1 12.30 h Carretera de Cádiz. Parque de Huelin
Peneque y el corazón que mueve la ópera  Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino

Su2 12.30 h  Cruz de Humilladero. Plazuela María Santísima de Dolores y Esperanza
Peneque y el corazón que mueve la ópera  Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino

Sa8 12.30 h  Bailén-Miraflores. Boulevar José Iturbi
La Panda Pirata  Petit Teatro

Su9 12.30 h  Puerto de la Torre. Parque Virgen de las Cañas
Los viajes de Julio Verne  Acuario Teatro

Sa15 12.30 h  Campanillas. Parque El Brillante
MalabaraMagos  Manolo Carambolas

Su16 12.30 h  Churriana. Plaza de la Inmaculada
MalabaraMagos  Manolo Carambolas

Fr21 12.30 h  Palma-Palmilla. Centro Ciudadano Valle-Inclán
La Panda Pirata  Petit Teatro

Sa22 12.30 h  Ciudad Jardín. Auditorio Jardín de Málaga
Peneque y el corazón que mueve la ópera  Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino

Sa29 12.30 h  Este. Auditorio Parque Virginia
La Panda Pirata  Petit Teatro

Su30 12.30 h  Centro. Recinto Eduardo Ocón
Los viajes de Julio Verne  Acuario Teatro

JUNE 2021

We30 20.30 h  Teatinos-Universidad. Parque del Cine
Peneque y el corazón que mueve la ópera  Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino

PENEQUE Y EL CORAZÓN QUE MUEVE LA ÓPERA  [Peneque and the heart that drives opera]
Producciones Infantiles Miguel Pino
Antonio Pino y Miguel Pino puppets
Franc Gonzalez tenor
Isabel Hurtado Tina Madrina
Nacho Doña piano
1.00 h  Puppets and actors. From 3 years
Professor Tivolín guides us through the world of opera. A tenor and a pianist begin the general rehearsal that Aliquindoy the witch will try to spoil. But Tina Madrina and Peneque el Valiente will succeed in bringing back the marvelous music of the operas Rigoletto and The Barber of Seville.
Adults and children enter in a very  special way a world of fantasy, in which the senses act instantaneously connecting objects, forms, story lines. The most amusing way to learn about the opera, with Peneque and his friends.

LA PANDA PIRATA  [The Pirate Gang]
Petit Teatro
Susana Fernandez Nasu
Monti Cruz Basi
Music and songs Susana Fernández and Juan de la Cruz Montilla
Voiceover narrator Fran Perea
0.55 min  Clown and puppets. From 2 years
Nasu and Basi set sail on a great adventure. This time they to look for the treasure hidden in the rubbish on Cacatoa Island. Will they find it amongst so much rubbish? Do not miss this story about the environment, nature and recycling.

LOS VIAJES DE JULIO VERNE  [The voyages of Jules Verne]
Acuario Teatro
Script and stage direction Marta Guzman
With Arantxa Catala and Cynthia Garcia
Music Patricia Quiroga
55 min (w/out intermission). Actresses and objets theatre. From 4 years
“Jules Verne, writer, creator without limits and founder of modern science fiction. We could not just choose one of his novels, so we pass from one to the other, creating fiction inside fiction with some of his most emblematic books: Journey to the Centre of the EarthAround the World in Eighty DaysTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaFrom the Earth to the Moon and The Mysterious Island. And educational, entertaining and participative show.”   Acuario Teatro 

Manolo Carambolas

Script and stage direction Malabaramagos
Manolo Carambolas mimo, clowb and juggler
dani Danielo magician
Antonio Ramirez juggler and tightrope walker
1.00 h  Circus and magic. For all ages
Welcome to the world of fantasy where everything is possible, where anything can happen. As if we were in the world of Alice, we invite you to cross the looking glass and enjoy this fascinating show. Circus and magic go hand in hand in Malabaramagos, an avant-garde theatrical proposal. You will feel the riskiest balancing acts, surprise, impossible voyages and a lot more.

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