Concerto for flute, harp and orchestra, Op.48, L. Liebermann
Jorge Frances flute
Jose Antonio Domene harp
– –
Death and Transfiguration, Op.24, R. Strauss     
The Happy and Glorious Adventures of Till Eulenspiegel, Op.28, R. Strauss

1.00 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Kike Barona
Program notes Jose Antonio Canton

Lowell Liebermann was born in the city of New  York on the 22nd of February 1961. He began his music studies when he was eight years old, and composition when he was fourteen. He later attended the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, where he graduated in 1987 and from which he also obtained a Master’s Degree and a PhD. His Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra, Op. 48 has only one movement. Following an initial theme, the piece develops in two directions, alternating rapid and slow segments that finally merge, led by the soloist instruments as the tensions calm down with certain grace.  
The descriptive sense of Richard Strauss’ symphonic poem Death and Transfiguration is reflected in the composer’s own words: “I had the idea of representing in a symphonic poem the death of a person who had fought to defend the highest ideals, and hence possibly an artist.”
Till Eulenspiegel adopts the form of a rondo with the periodic return of a curious theme which first appears as a bold intervention of the French horn, immediately complemented by the clarinet’s strange traces as a sort of humoristic pirouette. This is Till, tireless inventor of  pranks and great transgressor, protagonist of one of the ancient stories of German medieval literature. Till is a clever character who lives hand to mouth, but who does not give in to the cruelty, stupidity, hypocrisy and arrogance that prevailed in the society of his time.

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