Alexander Borodin (1833 - 1887) String quartet No. 2 in D major
Anna Margrethe Nilsen violin / Jesús Reina violin / Rumen Cvetkov viola / Adolfo Gutiérrez cello

Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856) Piano quartet in E flat major, Op. 47
Jesús Reina violin / Razvan Popovici viola / Natalia Margulis cello / Josu de Solaun piano

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

 Program (PDF es / en) 
 (Presentation, Málaga Clásica Talents, bios) 

Since the founding father of the string quartet as we know it, Joseph Haydn, such formation is conceived as the perfect balance in composition, due to the richness of range, sound diversity and unity through instrumental timbre. In the case of the 'Quartet no. 2' by Borodin, we find a work full of loving affection, the dedicatée being his wife Ekaterina Protopova.
After studying closely the string quartets of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven in a period of depression, Schumann created his own quartet, with the piano as part of the ensemble, giving more body to the sound. The composer's genius creativity is shown in being able to keep the group as a unified ensemble and conceiving moments of great intimacy and delicacy.

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