Pura sangre


Israel Fernández flamenco singer
Diego del Morao flamenco guitar
Ané Carrasco percussion and keyboards
Marcos Carpio and Pirulo clapping hands

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Pura sangre is the most personal work of the young flamenco singer Israel Fernández, in which he expresses his most intimate vision of the environment that surrounds him and how he feels and interacts with his immediate world: his family, gypsy culture, love, nature, human values and deepest self. But Pura sangre is also a defense of truth, the artist's most vital means of expression; work that shows that purity is the legacy of cultural generations and grids of music that merge in a mosaic where the certainty of the performer prevails, building new languages from absolute integrity, deep roots and knowledge. Once again, Israel has composed all the music and written all the lyrics, and once again has relied on Diego del Moroa from Jerez, one of the greatest geniuses of contemporary flamenco, to produce the album. He has also counted on the collaboration of Pional, one of the most renowned musicians of the national and international electronic music scene. Pura sangre circulates in the midst of experimental sounds which add sophistication, elegance and innovation, without diminishing the depth of flamenco.  
This new star of flamenco, winner of the Odeon Award for Best Flamenco Album and 2021 Latin Grammy nominee for Best Flamenco Album for Amor, admits that “I live to sing: I have done nothing else since I was born, and I don't know how to do anything else.”

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