Fatoumata Diawara voice and guitar
Juan Finger bass
Yacouba Kone guitar
Arecio Smith keyboards
Willy Ombe drums

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Fatoumata Diawara, the performer, composer, activist, actress and storyteller from Mali, has published a new record called Fenfo, which in English means “something to say”, and is the continuation of Fatou, her acclaimed 2011 debut album.
Considered one of the most dynamic leaders of modern African music, with this new album Fatoumata Diawara takes her art to new and exciting heights. Clearly experimental, albeit respectful of her roots, Fenfo depicts her as the voice of young African women, proud of her heritage but definitely looking to the future.
Like Fatou, which surpassed musical borders to reach many of the year’s lists of top hits in the most prestigious rock journals, Fenfo knows no limits. Her songs cover an ample range of old and modern African genres, from the slow blues of ‘Kokoro’ to the funk outbreak of ‘Negue Negue’ and the syncopated Afro-pop of ‘Ou Y’an Ye’; from a warm lullaby like ‘Mama’ to the rock energy of ‘Bonya’. Eleven pieces, most sung in Bambara, that speak of respect, humiliation, love, migration, family and how to make a better world for our children.

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