La vida en canciones. El escenario lo cura todo


75 aniversario tour
[Life in songs. The stage can cure it all.
75th anniversary tour]
Víctor Manuel voice
David San José piano and musical director
Ovidio López and Osvaldo René Grecco guitar
Santiago Ibarreche saxophone, percussion and keyboards
Daniel Casielles bass and double-bass
Andrés Leonardo Litwin drums

2.00 h (w/out intermission)

Life in songs (The Stage cures everything) seeks to embrace and summarise long years of songs and the road. From ‘Soy un corazón tendido al sol’ to ‘La sirena’, ‘Planta 14’, ‘El abuelo Vitor’ and ‘Paxarinos’; from ‘Solo pienso en ti’ to ‘La madre’, ‘Luna’ and ‘Ay, amor’; from  ‘Cuélebre’ to ‘Nada sabe tan dulce como su boca’, ‘Cruzar los brazos’ and ‘Allá arriba al norte’; from ‘Danza de San Juan’ to ‘No seré nunca juguete roto’, ‘Quien puso más’ and ‘Bailarina’; from ‘El hijo del ferroviario’ to ‘Como voy a olvidarme’, ‘Adonde irán los besos’ and ‘Nada nuevo bajo el sol’.
Victor Manuel’s career spans five decades. A career that has evolved from themes centred on Asturias and political vindication in the last years of the Franco dictatorship to songs focusing on love, emotions and feelings, with which he achieved great success that reached its peak in 1979 with the publication of the album Soy un corazón tendido al sol and the single ‘Solo pienso en ti’. In the 80’s, he published albums such as Luna (1980) and El lanzador de cuchillos (1984). But it is in 1986 when he triumphed, together with his wife, with the album Para la ternura siempre hay tiempo that includes the hymn ‘La puerta de Alcalá’, along with other everlasting songs.

The concert’s subtitle “”El escenario lo cura todo” is a verse of ‘I will never be a broken toy’, a song which Ana and I sang in Para la ternura siempre hay tiempo (1986). In effect, the stage cures everything except all that is incurable.” Víctor Manuel

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