Animal acoustic tour


Diego Cantero voice and guitar
Tato Latorre electric and acoustic guitar and bass
Alejandro Martínez keyboards and voices
Marino Sáiz violin and keyboards

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

“If you are waiting for the record that will change the course of music, don’t bother.
If you hope it will set a new trend, forget it.
If you expect transgression, it’s better to devote the next few hours to something else.
This has nothing to do with any of that; actually it has nothing to do with anything; it’s only songs, and therefore emotions.
If you have lived enough, here you will find a summary of pieces of your life.
Songs, in fact, that will age with you, and that will not make you blush when you admit in a few years’ time that you liked them.
Animal is the title and the excuse to bring together this handful of songs that talk about you, that will help you zoom in on that part of memory where you have kept those things that really matter.
Sorry, there are no motorcycles on sale, what you are going to hear is true.”
Diego Cantero – Funambulista

During this very special tour, Funambulista will share close-up and in an intimate setting the secrets of the songs that are part of his followers’ personal soundtrack. He will narrate the reason for each song, sharing with the audience why he wrote each verse. With a meticulous stage design and a band with boundless sensitivity, it is time to share this familiarity that only exists in this kind of tour..

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