Málaga, enclave de blues


[10th Anniversary of the Malaga Blues Society]

Pedro Ramírez guitars  l  José Ramírez winds  l  Manuel Nocete keyboards l  Jorge Blanco bass  l  Juan Antonio Parra drums  l  Salvador Marina voice

Richard Ray Farrell
Richard Ray Farrell guitar and voice  l  Sergio Díaz drums  l  Aaron Trubic bass

Lito Fernández* guitar

Fernando Beiztegui
Fernando Beiztegui* guitar and voice   l  Víctor Puertas harmonica

Javier Ojeda
Javier Ojeda* voice

Linda Newman
Linda Newman* voice

Banda Sociedad de Blues
Fran Pacheco guitar  l  David Quintero guitar  l  Raúl Ranea guitar  l  Ángel Quintero bass  l  Javier Martín bass  l  Vicky Peláez voice  l  Pepe Salas voice  l  Claudio Tamer drums  l  Lorenzo Azcona saxophones  l  Adrián Cruces trumpet  l  Eduardo Diaz-Miguel keyboards

*artists accompanied by members of Banda Sociedad de Blues

With the collaboration of
 Zenet voice

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

This year the Malaga Blues Society is celebrating a decade since its foundation, commemorating the anniversary with an extraordinary concert to be held at Teatro Cervantes, Malaga’s major theatre.
The concert will include performances by different formations and artists closely related to the Malaga blues scene.
The Malaga Blues Society was founded in 2013 with the intention of spreading the fabulous virtues of this hundred-year old genre in the province of Malaga. The city is home to the Lito Blues Band, a pioneer of blues in Spain, essentially marking the origin of everything.
Among the Society’s multiple initiatives, such as organising annual cycles, weekly programming with blues concerts in the city of Malaga and its province, and advising other festivals, the creation of the Blues Festival of La Herradura (Almuñecar, Granada) stands out. Its future projects include the opening of the School of Blues. The Society also has its own band, consisting of active members of all the blues bands in the area.
Every year, the Malaga Blues Society celebrates the anniversary of its birth with a concert featuring its own band and guests from national groups.

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