Adictos a la euforia


Carlos Goñi voice, guitar and harmonica
Manuel Bagües bass and back vocals
Miguel Giner drums and back vocals
David Sam piano and back vocals

2.00 h (w/out intermission)

In these convulsive times full of uncertainty, Revolver’s twelfth studio album, Adictos a la euforia, is a declaration of intentions, a forceful album without nostalgia that invites us to see things differently. Carlos Goñi, more than ever a protagonist of his project as leader of Revólver, returns to his true rock and guitar player spirit on a tour of concerts with which to enjoy favourite hits and the new pieces of Adictos a la euforia; songs that narrate stories, moods and metaphors on a journey of sounds full of energy and lyricism.
Revólver, the group from Valencia lead by Carlos Goñi, is a benchmark for recent rock music in Spanish. Clearly influenced by American rock and other undeniable classics, its peculiar sound is a hallmark expressed in songs such as ‘Si es tan solo amor’, ‘Calle Mayor’, ‘San Pedro’, ‘El roce de tu piel’ and ‘El Dorado’. The group’s career of more than 30 years is endorsed by long tours and unforgettable albums.

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