NIÑO DE ELCHE presenta FLAMENCO. Mausoleo de celebración, amor y muerte

Opening Concert MaF 2023

NIÑO DE ELCHE presenta FLAMENCO. Mausoleo de celebración, amor y muerte

Niño de Elche voice
Raúl Cantizano and Mariano Campallo flamenco guitar
Emilio Pascual sound design
Azael Ferrer lighting design

photo ©Ernesto Artillo

"Flamenco is dead. Let us erect a mausoleum to keep and honour what is left of a flamenco that no longer exists. All corpses take with them secrets kept under lock, in which the key only turns if you know how to listen to what these secrets hold for you. We have the key that opens all the periods, that leaves all doors ajar so that they can be reached by ancient voices and evoke songs of celebration, love and death. An intimate commotion invoked through the phonographic ritual. But before initiating the ceremony of listening, keep a minute of silence, because in every silence there is a beginning, not an end. And remember, what you have in your hands is not a return to the past, but rather a new beginning." Niño de Elche
For the MaF 2023 Inaugural Concert, Niño de Elche will present his 13th album called FLAMENCO. Mausoleo de celebración, amor y muerte. This is an artistic project based on flamenco construed as a radical artistic expression in which minimalism, austerity and fundamentals embrace the privacy of a room, or the intimacy of a whisper, the warmth of a celebration, the lament of a farewell or the decadence of festivities. 

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