Marina Heredia cante
José Quevedo 'Bolita' guitarra
Paquito González percusión
Pablo Suarez piano
Coral flamenca femenina Anabel Rivera, Fita Heredia, Marian Fernández, Macarena Fernández, Estrella Fernández y Ana Fernández
Programme Conjuro / Fandangos del Albaicín / Siguirilla / Soleá / Fuego fatuo - Danza del molinero / Asturiana y Nana / Soneto de la dulce queja / Soneto del amor oscuro - La pena negra / Sedas de angustia / Bulería de Julieta - Granaína / Tangos de Graná / Alboreá - Cachucha - Mosca

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

In ArteSonao, the singer from Granada Marina Heredia gives the best of herself, of the ample registers of her repertoire, of the chorus that accompanies her with a polyphony of voices that fit perfectly together; of the alternate collaborations of Jaime Heredia and Curro Albaicín, and of the omnipresence of José Quevedo, magician of beat and composition. All of them dominated by photographs of Lorca, Falla and La Rochina.
Marina Heredia premiered her show last June at the Palace of Charles V at the Alhambra, in the framework of the 71st edition of the Festival of Granada, as a tribute to the centennial of the First Cante Jondo Competition in 1922, at which the presence of women was noteworthy, and to the gypsy celebrations of its predecessors.
Marina Heredia is one of the most prominent artists of the new generation of female flamenco singers worldwide. Daughter and granddaughter of exceptional singers, she made her debut in 1992 at the age of 12. She has collaborated with renown flamenco artists and has participated in the genre’s most important festivals. In 2016 she obtained the Giraldillo Award for Cante (singing) at Seville’s Biennial of Flamenco. Marina Heredia’s singing, like the poetry of Miguel Hernández, is pierced by the wounds of love, of death and of life; in ArteSonao she unleashes the musical fantasy of her extraordinary art.

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